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Don’t we all love a perfect manicure? It sure is fun to be able to express our moods in the color of our nails. As the weather changes from warm to cold, so does our nail polish to match the new season. Fall usually brings us bolder and warmer tones. A gentle reminder that it’s time to let go of the old and try something new.

While it’s true that each season has its own signature color such as white for summer or red for fall, that is not necessarily a rule. Beauty companies are always coming up with new colors to remind us that we have many options to choose from. With a wide range of trendy colors, you’ll sure feel inspired to try something different this season.

Whether you’re looking for a change from your usual color or you’re just curious about what’s out there, here’s the top 11 trending new colors for nail polish this fall that are guaranteed to up your nail game to a higher level.

1. Deep Navy Blue

Dark colors are a staple of cooler seasons, that is a given, but instead of going with the traditional red or black, how about an in-between color? Deep navy blue is one of the new trendy colors this season and is a great alternative to traditional darker colors. What is appealing about navy blue is that is not as dark as black, but can still be a chic and classy option.

My favorites: Butter London’s Royal Navy, Essie’s After School Boy Blazer, OPI’s Russian Navy and Chanel’s Bleu Trompeur.

2. Deep Green

Another great option to get away from traditional colors but is also trending this fall is deep green. It’s just a touch brighter than black but still screams minimal chic like darker reds.

My favorites: Essie’s Off-Tropic, OPI’s Suzi-The First Lady of Nails and Oribe’s Green Envy.

3. Metallic

Here’s another great option to try if you want to get away from traditional colors. Metallics can add a touch of glam to your nails without going all out. They also come in soft and warm tones like gold, rose gold and champagne, which perfectly matches the fall theme this year.

My favorites: OPI’s Worth A Pretty Penne, Up Front & Personal, Take a Right on Bourbon and Essie’s Good as Gold.

4. Neutrals and Nudes

I said it before but I’ll say it again: You can’t go wrong with neutrals. They’re well suited for all seasons and a safe choice if you are unsure of which color to go with. It doesn’t hurt that they are easy on the eyes matching well with any color. Neutrals are also classy. There are tons of different shades to choose from light beige to cream to darker shades of nudes.

My favorites: JinSoon’s Sandbar and OPI Infinite Shine’s Staying Neutral

5. Pink

You can’t get any more feminine than pink. If you are a girly girl like me, chances are you’re a big fan of pink nails as well. There are all sorts of pretty pink shades from lighter to darker so the sky is the limit.

My favorites: OPI’s Bubble Bath, OPI’s Pale to the Chief

6. Mustards and Oranges

Nothing says fall more than warmer shades of yellows, rusty oranges, and terracotta tones. They are chic and another great alternative to traditional nail polishes.

My favorites: Essie’s On the bright Cider, Essie’s Rust Worthy, OPI’s Never a Dulles Moment, OPI’s Suzy Needs a Loch-Smith, Jinsoon’s Hope, Essie’s Say it Ain’t Soho and Sinful Color’s Courtney Orange.

7. Gray

Grays just like blacks are also a classic. Many different brands have a wide range of grays from creamy grays to darker tones and in my humble opinion, all shades are beautiful. They also match the season like no other color.

My favorites: Essie’s Press Pause, Butter London’s Sterling, Smith & Cult’s Stockholm Syndrome, Chanel’s Washed Denim and OPI’s Rub a Pub-Pub.

8. Purple

Purple is a great color for fall as well, and you can choose many different shades of it from light violet to deep purple.

My favorites: Tom Ford’s African Violet, OPI’s Berry Fairy Fun, Chanel’s Prune Dramatique and OPI’s Hello Pretty.

9. Glitter

If you’re feeling particularly festive, another trending idea making waves this fall is the glitter polishes. They can be used over a base coat alone or on the top of your favorite polish. If you want just a touch, you can add it as a detail to your nail design as well.

My favorites: Paintbox’s like Magic, China Glaze’s Disco Ball Drop, JinSoon’s Glitzy, Butter London’s Lovely Jubbly and OPI’s Pile on the Sprinkle.

10. Chocolate Brown

Earth colors are always a great choice for the fall season. Brown is a color that doesn’t compete with others and matches well with any other color. This year a special shade of brown called “chocolate brown” is what’s new in the beauty space, going along with the 70’s throwback theme we also have been seeing in the fashion world.

My favorites:  Zoya’s Dea, Little Ondine’s Chai Latte, OPI’s Chocolate Moose and OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques.

11. Burgundy Red

It wouldn’t be a complete list if I didn’t mention the classic reds. This season, in particular, the trending shades of reds are on the darker side such as burgundy and wine red. The ultimate red nail is a fall classic for sure.

My favorites:  Chanel’s Pirate, OPI’s An Affair in Red Square, Essie’s Knee-High Life, and Butter London’s Ruby Murray.


Have you decided which one will be your signature color this season?