Fall is finally here.

You know it when summer’s blazing heat starts to change to a cool breeze by mid-September. Yes, my friends, it’s time to say goodbye to the sandals and bathing suits and say hello to the cardigans, jackets, and boots.

But it’s not all bad news on the fashion front. I actually look forward to the fall every year. It’s my favorite season after all. I love the scents, the spices, and the bolder colors of our home décor and wardrobes. It’s also time for those delicious Starbucks drinks that we are all too eager to sip again while doing our Target run (I’m thinking about you Pumpkin Spice Latte!). Fall is also the official start of holidays – aka holiday shopping season.

And while we go through this transition weather, you might be wondering what’s trending in the fashion department since most of last year was a complete wash.

Well, the good news is a lot of the fashion trends of years past are still dominating the scene this time around. So, if you want to invest in some cute basic pieces for your fall wardrobe, here are some outfit ideas that will get you started:


1. Plaid shirts

Plaid shirts are a classic fall look and in some places even a year-round thing. Well, in 2021 is no different. This classic look goes hand in hand with a pair of jeans, ankle boots, or high knee boots.

If you’re thinking about investing in plaid shirts for the fall, you can never have enough of them.

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2. Shackets

What is a shacket, you may ask? A shacket is essentially a shirt that is heavy enough to be used as a jacket, but not so thick that can’t be used as a shirt. In summary, the perfect transitional piece when you’re in-between seasons. Shackets go well with leggings and denim.


3. Faux Leather pants and skirts

Faux leather pants and skirts are nothing new in the fashion scene. They’ve been around for years, even being recycled a few times. The shining faux leather look elevates any outfit, easily transitioning from casual to dressed up. It doesn’t hurt that the material also keeps you warm on those colder days. That’s why faux leather is a perfect piece for a fall wardrobe.


4.  Floral Maxi dresses

We love dresses. Something about the freedom they give us. And when temperatures start to cool down, we get a little anxious because we don’t want to give them up so soon. But we all know they go really well with boots. Maxi dresses with long sleeves are our compromise in the fall. They’re elegant yet casual enough, and the dark floral prints fit perfectly with the fall theme.


 5. Knit dresses

Again, we love dresses, and knit dresses are a great alternative to floral prints in the fall. They’re also more suitable for colder days since the material is a little thicker, so they will keep you warmer. Try to be creative and play with different color combinations and patterns. Warm bold colors are a great way to turn up the heat on your whole ensemble. And just like florals, knit dresses pair well with just about any shoe.


6. Knit sweaters

And speaking of knit material, what about knit sweaters? I know depending on where you live you might not need them that much or that often, but they are a staple item in any fall/winter wardrobe. Plus side: they are very easy to style. There are many different types of knit sweaters out there. The thick turtlenecks can be reserved for colder days, while the thin almost see-through ones can be used over a tank top and are great for those warmer days of fall.


 7. Oversized blazers

Oversized Blazers are a fun way to add dimension to your outfit. Just be mindful of your body frame. Because they add bulk, it can make you look shorter or curvier depending on your shape, especially in pictures. Not a bad thing if that’s the look you’re going for, just be aware.


8. Combat boots

 Combat boots were part of the utilitarian trend that started a few years back, and they are still going strong this time around. There are lots of styles to choose from. They go well with overalls but also skirts, maxi dresses, denim, and leather pants.


 9. Trench coat

For those cold rainy days, trench coats are essential. But they also keep you warm, dry, and stylish.


10. Sweater Vest

A sweater vest is a versatile piece for a fall wardrobe. It can be used by itself or layered with other pieces. Sweater vests are another trend of the 90s that got their turn in the spotlight in 2021. Although the trend itself is not new, it’s making new waves this time around.


11. Maxi Skirt

Just like maxi dresses, a maxi skirt is a cute way to add femininity to your outfit. The longer skirt also goes well with ankle boots and as a bonus, will keep you warm on those colder fall days.


12. Army Green Jacket

The army green color and style fall (no pun intended) within the neutral color scheme, although more on the darker side of the spectrum, which is perfect for fall weather.

With an army green jacket, it’s easy to mix and match colors. And if you want to be bold, you can turn up the volume by adding warm colors to your ensemble in the form of accessories. A red purse or shoes, or orange or red belt will do the trick.


13. Denim jacket

A denim jacket is an essential piece in any capsule wardrobe. It’s such a versatile piece and is perfect for transition weather. Although, let’s be honest. A denim jacket is great any time of the year.


14. Hoodies

Hoodies are easy, comfortable and will keep you warm on colder days. They are a perfect casual outfit for when you’re out running errands or just hanging out at home.


15. Cardigan  

Ahh, the old faithful cardigan. Cardigans are another staple piece in the fall wardrobe. Try to play with colors and textures with different materials and don’t be afraid to be creative. Rusty colors are a fun way to add warmth to your look, while blue, green, and neutrals will tone it down. Cardigans are great with denim and leggings.


*Bonus Tip

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Sunglasses are not only useful — you know– to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays, but are the kind of accessory that is used in every season. You don’t have to worry about trends or if they match your outfit, and they sure can up your look in seconds.

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