It’s that time again when we talk about the fashion trends for the new season.

Fall just happens to be my favorite time of the year. I’m not sure if it’s because of the change of weather, the delicious treats, the fashion, or the fact the holidays are approaching. But before this post turns into all the reasons why I love fall, you’re probably wondering: what’s in this new season?

Many new trends, of course, some old ones and some recycled old trends with a new unexpected twist.

The major highlights of this fall/winter fashion shows are inspirations designers got from previous decades such as the flared jeans of 70s, the 80s wider shoulder look,  and even some of the 90s inspired pieces.

Let’s talk about them.



Animal prints are really big right now. Leopard print in particular. It became the star of last fall when everyone and their mother got one. Bloggers and influencers then turned it into a must-have piece. It picked up speed in the summer and it’s rolling well into the fall again.

However, for the new season, leopard prints are mostly seen in silk midi skirts (for a casual street style) outerwear, and shoes, as opposed to… well, everything else in the past season.

The leopard midi skirts, in particular, are becoming essential and timeless pieces because they can pair well with just about any top, from the frilly and puff-sleeved varieties to simple tanks and tees. A well worth addition to any capsule wardrobe, if you live a minimalist lifestyle.


Snakeskin is the true new trend this season when it comes to animal print. We’ve seen a preview of it during the summer, but this time around, we’re going to see it in a lot of shoes, bags, and everything else in between.


New season, new colors. In the fall we tend to go for darker hues and neutral colors. But what about this year?
We are going to see a lot of bright colors for a change, thanks to the 80s inspired neons.

Other colors we’ll be noticing more of will be purple/lavender, which is a continuation of a summer trend, the typical vibrant oranges, and rusty hues, various shades of pinks, as well as minty green and sage (also seen over the summer). Neutrals are a fall classic, and this season, in particular, we’ll see lots of beige.


Capes are back in style. Classy yet surprisingly versatile, they can be worn casually or dressed up for an evening look. They are going to be a great alternative to trench coats and oversized denim jackets which are also back in style.


Trench coats are a staple piece in any fall/winter wardrobe, so they are not exactly a trend but rather a utility piece. However, the big difference this year is that they got a little twist of their own with a deep yoke back. This yoke back adds an interesting bulk and texture to the trench.


After the return of the off-shoulder trend of last year, this year we’re seeing asymmetrical necklines take over. Perfect to highlight your collarbone or shoulder without having to show it all.


Flower prints have been a constant trend in the spring/summer, for quite some time now and I particularly like them for the feminine vibe it adds to an outfit. We’re going to see more of it this fall, but in darker and moodier shades just like the cooler weather patterns.


Tiny bags were seen a lot in the runaways of the fashion shows this season. I’m not sure they will become a big trend, that remains to be seen, but they are definitely cute to look at.


Again, smart suits are nothing new, but this season’s monochromatic versions are all the rage. If you were ever eager to try a smart suit before but never had the chance, this season might be a good time to do it. Try tailored blazers and suit jackets as well.


Part of a growing trend in the fashion industry is moving towards environmental awareness. This is another move that is going to make waves, especially if you are trying to make a statement. Try the oversized faux fur coats with a pop of color to break through an otherwise monochromatic look.


Plaid is back. I’m sure you knew this already. We’ve seen hints of it in previous seasons, but this time around they are back in a big way. For the looks of it, plaid jackets are going to be the big item when it comes to plaid but also skirts and pants.
If you’re thinking about getting an investment piece for your wardrobe this fall/winter, a plaid jacket is definitely a good look.


This delicate look is turning out to be the must-have item of this fall. The minimalist style puts pearl drops in gold hoops, and honestly, they are adorable and feminine. We’ve seen pearls making an appearance previously in other accessories such as hair clips and headbands as well.


Wide-leg trousers are also back in style. The looser, flowier, style is inspired by the 70s silhouette and it seems to be a continuing trend of a more comfortable look we’ve been noticing lately, such as the boyfriend jeans and so-called mom jeans.


From high-waisted midi skirts to leopard prints. Satin skirt street style is turning out to be one of the biggest fashion trends of this season. It’s worth investing in one of these pieces.


Silk scarves were trending in searches on Pinterest and Etsy from the beginning of spring throughout the summer. An alternative to bandanas, they are a versatile accessory that can be worn in multiple ways such as hairpieces or as a scarf.


Just like the flared jeans, big belts are also inspired by the big silhouettes of the 70s. Expect to see a lot of those, even with some western twist to it.


If you ever watched, the famous HBO series, Sex and the City, you probably remember one particular episode when Carrie Bradshaw (the main character played by Sarah Jessica Parker), criticized her boyfriend (Jack Burger) for describing the main character in his book (a New York City woman) running all over town wearing a scrunchie. Back in the day, that trend had come and gone, and a true New York woman — who is likely exposed to more fashion than most — wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a scrunchie in public. That was probably a few decades ago.

Fast forward to today and scrunchies are back in style! Just like the oversized denim jackets are making a comeback, so are the scrunchies. The 2019 fall version comes in luxe fabrics such as velvet and corduroy and trendy prints as well.


Yes. Leather was introduced again this fall. However, if you’re not a big fan of real leather for environmental reasons you don’t have to worry. Most of the designers are using faux leather, and you can try them in a variety of skirts, pants, and blouses. Real leather or not, it can elevate your whole look.

What’s your favorite trend this season?