As we get used to the change of seasons with cooler temps and shorter days,  Fall also brings us Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Apple Ciders, and all the flavors and aromas that we know and adore. With that in mind, I decided to give you a sneak peek into what’s going to be trendy this season so you can be prepared and rock your Fall closet like the fashionista you are.

As I said in previous posts, Autumn is my favorite season, for all the reasons mentioned above but also because I get to change my wardrobe. As much as I love summer — and I do — it’s nice to change it up a bit and show a little less skin, wear coats and heavier material and take those boots out of the closet. Fall fashion just seems chicer somehow.

So what are the new trends this season?


If the major runway shows are any indication, animal prints are in! Yes, but not in the trashy way you’re probably thinking.  Zebra and Leopard prints got new life this season with all major designers from Calvin Klein to Tom Ford. Leather is also the dominating fabric from skirts to trousers to trench coats.

Layering also got new tricks from designers this season, at times going to extremes, but you get the idea! Layering is a fun way to make a bold statement and the major designers were not afraid to play with it.

A hero item this season was the ankle midi skirt. This is a skirt that falls a little longer than those you already own,  many times going underneath the knee line giving a more conservative look.

Western-style or Cowboy style seemed to be making a comeback this Fall as well.

Plaids were also highlighted on the runway shows along with very busy prints.

New versions of Neons are also in,  the new hues are fruitier, with watermelon, lemon, and lime making for a delicious palette which in my opinion, are a lot of fun, and just add life to the outfit.  Those were meant to be matched with more neutral colors such as beige, black and gray when layering for a pop of color.

In the Make-Up Department, brown shades are going to be the go-to shade along with very red lips.  Some gold shades are also coming strong this season, in the form of shades and bronzers and even some glitter for a more dramatic look.  A more daring version of the cat-eye was also displayed on the models in all major fashion shows.

Don’t you just love Fall?


Happy shopping loves!