Spring is such an exciting season! Days are getting longer, temps are getting warmer, we set our clocks forward, and we are now getting ready to put away those heavy coats for while. Let the cleaning of the closets begin! Which begs the question: What’s new in the coming season in the fashion department?

Let’s take a look at what the major fashion shows had to show us so you can stay up to date, and be the trendsetter you were born to be!

First, let’s talk about colors! Yes, Spring usually brings happy colors back to life, so designers did not disappoint there. Yellow tones made a big appearance for the upcoming season, think about bright yellow, mustard and even neons.

Another highlight were the neutrals and earth tones, which are not necessarily a new trend, but a continuation of last season’s, so don’t get rid of your neutrals just yet!

Still in the color department, the cooler pale blues are playing a support role in the new season, which makes me happy because blue just happens to be one of my favorite colors!

As far as pattern goes, dolled up dresses with many, many layers ( the more the better!) for that very feminine look,  are also in. Fishnet patterns and crochet, are also having a big moment with designers. Another interesting twist was the use of feathers by many of the designers from clothes to shoes, which was a fun new addition! Still in the pattern department, another noticeable trend was the scarf-print pattern. Chloe was one of the major designers who showed it off with their new collection.

Black and white Polka dots and  black and white checks, gained a refreshed new look this season as well, right along with plaids which gained a refreshed look in metallic colors, as oppose to the more basic colors of past seasons.

Color blocking patterns are also having a moment, and for those of us who are not afraid of patterns, that’s a major plus!

And last but least , the major highlight this season are the biker shorts and a new the updated safari jacket!

Which of the new trend is your favorite? I can wait for the new season to begin!

Happy Shopping Dolls!