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Kim Kardashian is the epitome of what every woman aspires to be. She’s beautiful, successful, business-savvy, wealthy, and famous. And to top it all, she’s raising four amazing children and helping the world be a better place by becoming a lawyer. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Like many of you out there, I’m a huge fan. And when a person like that comes along and lives their life so openly in the public eye, you can’t help but wonder what she is really like behind closed doors. What kind of perfume does she like to wear? Is she nice to her employees? What happens when the cameras are turned off? Ah, the things we wouldn’t give to be a fly on those walls…

You might argue that we do have a pretty good idea —  since she’s been documenting her entire life in front of the cameras for the past decade or so. But the “reality” we see on TV isn’t always “the reality”. I think it’s common knowledge by now that these types of shows are heavily edited, and many times scripted for entertainment purposes.    

Having said that, one thing we do know for sure is that Kim loves to wear perfumes. She doesn’t have a signature scent per se, but we know she likes to keep a few in her regular rotation. She mentioned in the many interviews she’s given, that her absolute favorite scent is gardenia, because in her own words: “smells like happiness”.

But she also likes to layer fragrances depending on how she’s feeling and to put her in a certain mood for the day. She’s not afraid to try anything new either, as a reflection of the evolving icon that she is. But she prefers to keep it in the rich white florals’ family, and that means tons of jasmine, tuberose, and gardenias — you guessed it.

Kim never mentioned or endorsed any particular brand of perfume that she likes — of course why would she — but with a little bit of detective work, we can make an educated guess by looking back at the many clues she’s given us. And also going by her own line of perfume KKW Fragrance.

So, if you truly want to have a taste of what it’s like to smell like a rich, successful businesswoman like Kim Kardashian, here’s a list of scents we’re fairly certain she low key-likes — or would like —  that have top notes of Gardenia in them:


1. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

Gucci’s Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is the classic of white florals. The perfume was released back in 2012 and it’s the designer’s own take on the perfect gardenia blend. This floral fragrance opens with notes of white gardenias, red berries, pear, frangipani flower, patchouli, and brown sugar accord that reminds you of the perfect spring bloom. 

Gorgeous Gardenia is a sweat white floral fragrance that works best for daytime wear.


2. Byredo Casablanca Lily

If you’re not familiar with Byredo, this is a fairly new minimalist luxury fragrance brand with a unisex factor. That’s why none of Byredo’s scents are overly sweet. 

Casablanca Lily opens with notes of gardenia, plum, tuberose, carnation, and base notes of honey and rosewood. The combination of carnation, tuberose, and the sweetness of honey, make this perfume smell like a lily, although it doesn’t have lily in its formula.


3. DedCool Red Dakota

Dedcool is an all-natural, non-toxic, sustainable brand. Red Dakota is unique, edgy, and chic. It’s made of a citrusy blend of gardenia with notes of amber and undertones of woods which doesn’t make it overly sweet. This is another unisex fragrance that is handmade in small batches in LA. So Kim!


4. Cartier La Panthere

We all know, how much the Kardashian-Jenner clan loves the Cartier brand. So naturally, one would assume, Kim is very fond of  La Panthere.

The Gardenia gives this scent sensual and delicate femininity with a mellow musk note. The perfume exudes a mysterious, elegant, and graceful vibe. The bottle itself is also very elegant featuring a seductive panther. This is a strong scent that is more suited for night time.


5. Chantecaille Le Wild

This is a very elegant fragrance that doesn’t come cheap. Le Wild is made with top notes of wild Brazilian gardenias, lily, tuberose, jasmine, ambergris, and musk. It’s hard to describe in words what a perfume smells like but the best way to put Le Wild is that it smells like a bouquet of intoxicating gardenias with an uplifting intensity.

Chantecaille is a brand that focuses on extensive research and technological innovation to bring a high concentration of nourishing and revitalizing natural botanicals to all their products.


6. KKW Crystal Gardenia

Of course, I couldn’t leave out of this list Kim’s own brand of perfume KKW. After all, she personally picked all the notes of Crystal Gardenia. This is a very feminine floral, with top notes of water lily, gardenia, tiara flower, and tuberose. 

There are also notes of warm woods in here such as sandalwood, amber, and musk. Kim’s fragrance is best described as a lush and feminine scent that is surprisingly affordable.


 All the perfumes on this list were chosen because they are either white florals or a combination of white floral with top notes of gardenia.

 I know that white florals are not everyone‘s cup of tea, but I think all the fragrances on this list have a little bit of something for everyone. From light to intense, from daytime to nighttime, and sexy and feminine to unisex.

 Are you ready to smell like a million bucks? Which one would you choose?