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I love leggings. Not just for when I’m lounging at home or working out but anywhere really.

Maybe it’s the lightweight and soft material that makes me feel so comfortable, or maybe it’s because they’re so practical and form-fitting that they make me look good, even when I don’t feel like putting any effort into my outfit.

And I’m sure I’m not alone. Many of us have been living in them for the most part of 2020. Whether at home, working remotely, or running errands, leggings have become a widely accepted staple of a woman’s wardrobe.

Having said that, we all stick to our favorite brands: Lululemon, Athleta, Alo Yoga are just some of the biggest names. But none of them have a bigger impact on our pop/fitness culture than Lululemon itself. The popular brand is famous for its design quality, sweat-wicking, and apparently indestructible material.

But with high-quality standards also comes a hefty price tag. The price point for the coveted leggings starts at the $80-90 range. Some of us will gladly pay for it — and they’re worth every penny! But once you start filling up that shopping cart with a couple of leggings, a few times a year, it can tally up to a small fortune in no time.

I like to shop smart, and I love the feeling I get when I get a great deal. Who doesn’t, right?  Part of the reason why I love places like Marshalls, Ross, and TJ Maxx so much. With that in mind — and being a huge Lululemon fan myself — I wondered if there was a less expensive alternative to Lulus out there. The first place I looked was Amazon. And boy, did I get lucky. Amazon is full of affordable Lulemon look-alikes.

Many of these brands sold on Amazon have glowing reviews and some of the reviewers were even hard-core Lululemon fans that were converted. They swear by the quality of these dupes.

The truth is, it’s hard to know for sure because Lululemon doesn’t reveal the exact blend of materials it uses to make its leggings. But if you don’t want to take my word forward and decide to do your own research, a tip I can give you is to look for brands that use materials like spandex and polyamide which give that stretch and sweat-wicking quality that Lulus are famous for.

So without further ado, here’s a guide of the best Lulu inspired leggings you can find on Amazon, in a side by side comparison with the original:


1. Yogalicious

If you’re a Lululemon fan, you’re either a Wunder Under girl or an Align girl.

Yogalicious is a great inspired version of the Lululemon Wunder Wander tights.  Just like the original, it’s also made of smooth and buttery-soft material. The only drawback is that there are only 2 colors to choose from: black and gray. I have one in black, and I wear it all the time, especially when I’m at home. They give great support and are form-fitting, which makes you look good, even if you don’t feel like it.

2. Core 10

Core 10 is an original Amazon brand and its leggings are a great look-alike for the cropped Wunder Under tights.

The recommendation is to size down, as they tend to run large. These are very much comparable to the cropped Wunder Under with a buttery soft material, 4-way stretch, light hold, and the “naked” sensation. These leggings come in 7 different colors to choose from.

3. Colorfulkoala

Colorfulkoala has a reputation for being the best Lululemon look-alike on Amazon and they even manage to recreate the buttery-soft material the high-waist Align is known for. These also have good compression just like the Align original and are true to size.


4. CRZ Yoga

CRZ Yoga Naked Feeling High Waist tights is another brand you can search for if you’re an Align girl looking for a great dupe. It has over 6,000 five stars reviews on Amazon. It has great compression but still, buttery soft material although silkier than the original Lulu. Aside from that, it has a great variety of colors and patterns to choose from.


5. 90 Degree by Reflex

90 Degree by reflex doubles as an inspired version for both the Align and Wunder Under leggings. It offers a little more compression than the Yogalicious brand and the material is a bit coarser than the previous ones. If you didn’t look at the label you would trick your brain into thinking you’re wearing an actual Lululemon legging.

I tried all of these leggings myself, and I was really impressed with the quality of these brands. I also found some of them like CRZ Yoga, Yogalicious, and 90 degrees in places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack with an even bigger discount. So keep your eyes peeled next time you go discount shopping. You might just find one of these gems in the clearance rack of your favorite store.

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Happy Shopping loves!