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Faux leather leggings are chic and fashion-forward. They can give you that edgy moto chic look without the discomfort of actual leather. They’re a staple in the Fall/Winter wardrobe of any fashionable woman out there. They go well with flats, boots, mules, and even sandals. And one brand that almost single-handedly helped put faux leather leggings on the map was SPANX.

You’ve probably heard of the brand even if you’re not much into fashion. Mostly known for its shapewear among women, SPANX and shapewear have been used interchangeably for years. The brand has a very expansive product line now that includes leggings with its very own version of the faux leather type.

Many consumers swear by these leggings’ quality and comfort. Particularly for the extra hold, SPANX is famous for. There are thousands of five-star reviews all over the internet, and that’s a very hard thing to accomplish for any brand.

Many even say no other brand is comparable when it comes to faux leather pants. The price point also reflects such high demand starting at $98.

It’s a very rare event when these leggings go on sale, and when they do, they sell out so fast that you never have a real chance to get them at a discount.

This, of course, might be a problem for those who are not so inclined to spend this much money on a pair of leggings. Yes, they’re worth every penny, but not all of us can or want to spend this much. Since at The Pink Scarf Girl here, we’re all about getting the look for less, I did a little digging for you and found some amazing affordable alternatives.

The less expensive versions I put on this list cost only a fraction of the price and depending on what you’re looking for there are a few options to consider.

So let’s get to it:

1. VIV Collection Signature

This is an Amazon brand and you can’t really go wrong with Amazon, especially because they make it so easy to return anything if you’re not completely satisfied. These high waist leggings stay put and hold in the tummy area really well.

You can shop for this one here


2. Tagoo

These leggings have a matte finish rather than too much sheen and if you’re looking for a comparable look to Spanx this is a good affordable option.

You can shop for this one here


3. Everbellus

These leggings have thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon. It’s a great alternative to Spanx if you’re looking for comfort and also some hold.  They are nice and thick with just enough give but holds everything in place.

You can shop for this one here


4. Marc New York

These are the priciest of the bunch but I also think is the most comparable in looks to Spanx. The quality of the fabric and design is also very similar.

You can shop for this one here


5. Retro Gong

Another great affordable alternative if you’re looking for the not overly shiny look of Spanx. They have a dull sheen to them that is just right and they provide great support all over. You won’t need to wear any other supportive undergarments to slim your hip and/or thigh area.

You can shop for this one here


6. Target High Waisted Liquid Leggings

These leggings are a great affordable alternative to Spanx while at the same time being very much similar in looks. They’re not super shiny and are very comfortable as well.

You can shop for this one here.

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