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Chanel has raised the price of its handbags and purses, yet again. This latest increase in price makes it now more expensive than ever to own an authentic bag.

This is good news if you own a Chanel handbag, which has proven to be a great investment over time. But sad news, if you were planning on buying one in the near future. To put things into perspective, since November 2019 the price of a small classic flap bag has jumped 60%!

Nobody knows the reasons behind this latest increase, as Chanel has given a very vague response to inquiries about this. But the new price tag has fueled quite a debate all over the internet. Some vowing to never buy from Chanel again, while others speculate if the new increase is a strategic move to increase the brand’s exclusivity, placing them in direct competition with another fashion powerhouse: Hermes.

Whether the increase is a justified cost of doing business or just a strategic move, Chanel doesn’t shy away from controversy either.

If you’ve been on social media at all lately, you probably remember the recent controversy surrounding their advent calendar. Some people felt the $825 price tag was excessive and furthermore didn’t live up to the expectations.

The brand has weathered quite a few debates like this over the years. But despite all that, Chanel stood the test of time and always managed to come out unscathed — a true testament to the quality of its design.

But this steep increase over a short period of time does make you wonder…

Are Chanel bags still worth it?

It’s a fact that a $7,100 price tag for a small classic flap bag is more than most people, who are not wealthy, can afford. But even if you’re willing to pay this much, is Chanel still worth investing in?

There are some pros and cons to buying a Chanel handbag. Let’s talk about them.


  • There haven’t been any significant improvements on the bags for quite some time.
  • Many decades ago, they used to be handmade, which would make them more one of a kind. But that’s not the case anymore.
  • Newer bags seem to be made of lesser quality materials than older models.
  • Chanel hasn’t been exactly an ethical company.


  • The design is timeless and classic, so they will always be in style
  • The bags have only increased in value over time.
  • The quality of the bag is good, especially when compared to other mass-produced brands.
  • Because the price point is so high, it makes the bags more exclusive, so you won’t run into people that have the same bag

It’s up to you to answer that question for yourself, after weighing in the pros and cons, based on your particular situation.

But if you love the brand, and you don’t want to pay retail price, there are still ways you can go around this. Chanel never goes on sale, but you can find second-hand authentic bags at a discounted price in places like Poshmark, TheRealReal, Tradesy, and Rebag.

Supplies may be limited due to the nature of the bags, so it might take a while to find a good deal. But, if you’re not in hurry, and keep your eyes peeled, you might find a hidden gem.

However, even pre-loved bags might still be expensive.  Also, not everyone likes the idea of getting something that belonged to someone else first. Especially if you’re going to shell a sizeable amount of money for the bag.
So, if the thought of getting a used bag doesn’t appeal to you, your next best thing would be inspired versions, look-alikes, and/or “dupes”.

If that is the case for you, I gathered 5 inexpensive alternatives that look like the original but don’t come with a “Chanel” price tag.

1.  Small Boy Handbag


The Boy Bag is one of the most recognizable bags that Chanel has in its arsenal. The sharp edgy look is perfect for a night out in town.

This is the small size, the original also comes in medium and large. You can shop for the small inspired version here.

2. Wallet on Chain

The original bag is made of grained calfskin and gold or silver chain. As the name says, this bag is very small. Think of a wallet-size bag with chains. The inspired version is made of PU leather and the proportions are very similar to the original.

You can shop for the inspired version here

3. Large 2.55 Flap bag

When you think of a classic Chanel bag, this is the one that usually comes to mind. The design is truly timeless and it’s perfect for when you’re out and about. This bag is the conventional size bag ( between small and extra-large) and the original can come either with the logo or not. You can get this look-alike version here

4. Maxi 2.55 Handbag

This is a larger version of the previous bag. It’s a great bag for traveling, as it has tons of space and compartments. The original designer bag is made of aged calfskin leather and it costs a whopping $10,000. This inspired version is made of vegan leather instead, and the craftsmanship is very similar. You can shop for this model here.

One thing to notice is that this store ships from overseas. So you might need to wait a little longer for this bag. It usually takes 2 weeks to arrive at your doorstep. But it’s totally worth it.

5. Small Bucket Bag

This bucket bag has been trending for a few years now. The original bag is made with calfskin leather and gold or silver chains. This inspired version is also made with real leather and the overall quality is really good. You can even check the reviews if some really happy customers.

This inspired version is so good, that it feels like I’m sharing a great secret. You can shop for this bag here.

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