So you love fashion, and you love high-end designer bags. But you’re not a fan of the price that comes with your expensive taste.

Nothing wrong with that as we are not all wealthy after all. But just because you can’t afford something doesn’t mean you can’t have it.
And if you’re a fashion-savvy girl on a budget, you’ve probably already heard of DH gate.

If you haven’t, this is what you need to know: DH gate is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in China. They have everything you can imagine, including designer dupes.

I know. I know what you’re thinking, it’s from China. There’s a certain stigma that comes with that.
But if you’re a frequent and observant shopper, you know that most retailers in the US source their products from China anyway. Even high-end ones. So it doesn’t always mean these are of lesser quality.

It turns out DH gate is a great place to shop for designer dupes especially if you had your eye on one for a while.

But how good are they?


They’re are as good as designer-inspired fashion can get. If you own a real designer bag, or you’re an expert, you might be able to spot the difference, but most people don’t, as the quality is very similar to the original.

A “dupe” will never be the exact copy of course – the difference lies in the details and materials chosen– but most come pretty close.

But finding a designer-inspired bag on DH gate is not as simple as typing the brand (insert your favorite designer here) and the word “dupe” in the search box. There’s more to it.

It even involves some “creative” thinking on your part when it comes to searching (more on that later!).

Another thing you should know to avoid frustration is shipping times. When you buy something from DH gate, the seller will ship it to you directly from their warehouse in China.

Most of the time, shipping is free, but depending on the shipping method chosen by the seller, you might have to pay for it, usually a nominal amount.
Also, because it will come from overseas, it will take longer to get to you. How long you ask? It can take up to 4 weeks, in rare cases even more, but the average shipping time is about 3 weeks. So if you don’t get your bag on the very next day or even a week, don’t worry. The bag is on its way.

So how do you find a bag on DH gate?


First, you will do a preliminary search by simply typing “designer bag” on the search box. Like I mentioned earlier, don’t insert the name of the brand here because it won’t show what you’re looking for.

With this simple search, you will see a list of bags in the results. You can look at the pictures to see if any of the bags match what you’re looking for. Any designer name or logos will be blurred, so it helps if you know what the bag looks like.

If that doesn’t yield any results, your next step is to do a search based on the type of bag.
The more details you know about the bag, the better. For example, if you want a Louis Vuitton Neverfull dupe, you know this bag is a tote, also sometimes called a “shopping bag”.

So you’ll start your search by typing “designer tote”, “designer tote bag”, or “designer shopping bag”. You can even try more broad terms such as “everyday tote”, “everyday bag”, “luxury tote” or any combination of these terms.

A list of sellers will come up with respective pictures. Because this particular bag is very popular, you will see it at the top of the results. Then all you have to do is click on the pictures that most closely resemble the bag you’re looking for.

It also helps to click on reviews that have pictures, to make sure it’s the correct bag. Reviews with pictures are very helpful when it comes to finding a designer dupe on DH gate. Not only they’ll tell you if the bag is correct, but also about the quality and reputation of the seller.

When you click on a specific bag, other pictures will be shown to you as “suggestions”. Pay attention to those. Even if you’re not seeing the bag you want in the results, you might find it in the suggestion list.

The more you click on suggestions, the more bags will show in results. Sometimes you’ll find the bag you’re looking for just by clicking on this suggestions list tailored to your search.

Again, the more you know about a bag the better, as you can use specific words in the search box to narrow down your results.

Let’s use another example. Say you’re looking for a Chanel Flap Bag dupe. Chanel bags just like Louis Vuitton are popular on the site.
But don’t type “Chanel dupe” in the search box. Instead, type “designer flap bag”. It will give you a list of bags of other designers as well, but you will most certainly find a Chanel flap bag in there.

For other designers and specific bags, the process will be the same. This method also works for other items such as shoes, clothes, and jewelry.

Depending on how popular a bag is, you might find them on the top of search results or at the very bottom.

The less popular designers might take a little more work to find. That’s where your creativity in using different search terms comes to play.
You might have to go through all the results and click on each one until you find the bag you’re looking for.

As you can see, there’s no exact science to this, but if you have a little bit of patience you can find whatever you want.

Final Words

Totes and crossbody bags are the most popular bags on DH Gate as they are the most common. Therefore easier to spot.
Trendy bags will also be easier to find, as sellers go by the best sellers of any given brand.

Also, have in mind that inspired bags are always coming and going. So don’t be surprised if you purchase something from a seller and when you go back to the site, that particular seller is not active anymore.
It’s normal, because of the nature of this business.

I hope these tips will help you in your search. If you find this information useful and would like to support this blog, you can follow me on social media. Also, follow The Pink Scarf Girl in the LTK app for daily deals, style inspo, and more.

Happy Shopping loves!