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When it comes to neutrals, colors like brown and beige usually come to mind. And you’re probably thinking neutrals are kind of boring, right? Most people do. But the truth is, neutrals are anything but boring.

There is a wide range of colors and different shades that fall into this category. If you’re new here, you might want to check out my previous blog post where I talked about 5 different ways you can style neutrals for summer. Truth is, neutrals are perfect colors for any season. Why do you ask? Not only because neutrals are versatile and chic, but they can be a great alternative to basic colors such as black, grey, and white.

Darker shades of neutrals usually vary from light brown to tan. And include shades like cognac, caramel, and dark brown. On the lighter side, you can play with shades of beige, cream, and off whites. We can’t forget about one color that is also considered neutral and is having a big moment this season: olive green! With so many different choices of neutrals, there’s no way you won’t have fun with them.

Another great reason to add neutrals to your wardrobe: they make a perfect blank canvas to build your whole outfit from. Because they don’t compete with other colors or patterns, they’re easy to mix and match. And they can make you look chic effortlessly.

Now that you know how great neutrals are, you might be wondering how to style a neutral look this winter. Here I have some great suggestions for you to try:

1. Animal Prints

Neutrals and animal prints match well together. Whether you decide to go with the popular leopard print, or snakeskin or any other, neutrals are sure to make this trend look even better.

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2. Play with Patterns

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Another way of styling neutrals is by playing with patterns. Try matching it with another big star piece of this winter: the plaid jacket. For a chic, yet effortless look, use a neutral basic underneath it, or you can match it with plait pants or skirts. You can also switch it up, and go with neutral bottoms and a plaid jacket. Don’t forget about other patterns as well such as florals and stripes.

3. Add Structure


Adding structure to a neutral look is also a great way to style it and have some fun with it. Try styling it with knit and oversized sweaters. If layering, try turtlenecks, fur coats, or leather jackets to add some bulk.

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4. Utility Chic

Another great way to have some fun with neutrals this winter is by taking advantage of the utilitarian trend. You can pair them with combat boots, for a cool streetwear vibe or go for a boilersuit.

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5. Add a pop of color


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Another trend that is making waves this season is the monochromatic look. Try adding some color to your neutral look by choosing one piece that has a touch of color. Adding warm colors is a nice way to lift your mood on those gloomy winter days. Or, you can try adding color with accessories such as belt bags, knee-high boots, ankle boots, or belts. If your monochrome look is in another color, make your accessories neutral instead.

Bonus Tip: If you’re still having some difficulty styling your neutrals, think of them as being a basic color such as black. Ask yourself: “How would I style this piece if it were black?” Then you will have your answer. It’s easy to match basic colors such as blacks and whites, and so are neutrals.

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