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I must confess, I wasn’t always a Yves Saint Laurent fan. It was one of those brands that were under my radar for some reason. I guess because I was more focused on other famous brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. But YSL bags have become more mainstream lately, and the more I saw them, the more they grew on me.

If you’re a fashion lover like me, you know that no luxury closet is complete without a YSL bag. One of my favorite things about the brand is the quilted chevron finish that is a hallmark of the design. I absolutely love the look.

However, these bags are a big investment. Especially for those of us with modest budgets. That’s why we love finding alternatives in the designer-inspired realm. 

But unlike their designer counterparts, YSL inspired bags are not as easy to find. It does take a little bit of digging to spot them.

We’re going to talk about specific bags a little bit later, but it’s worth noting that when shopping for designer-inspired items not to lose sight of these two key points:

1) you want the overall look of the bag to be as close to the original as possible and;

2) You want the most value for your money

Sometimes you can get both. And at times you might get one but not the other. With so many designer-inspired bags out there, oftentimes you get the look, but not the quality.

Suffice to say you shouldn’t get too excited and buy the first one you see. Yes, at first glance, they might seem like a good deal. But after a closer inspection — not so much. That’s why it pays off to do a little bit of research beforehand. 

Who’s never heard stories of people who paid hundreds of dollars for a designer look-alike but never actually got to see the bag? Needless to say, these people never saw their money back either. And the ones who were lucky enough to get it got a very sub-par product that looked nothing like the picture they saw online.  

For that reason, you should avoid obscure websites when shopping for designer look-alikes. And what do I mean by that? First, notice if they’re properly secured with an “HTTPS” in front of their web address. If they don’t, it means your information may not be safe with them. Second, pay attention to their customer service. Notice if they’re open about information about their products such as where they come from or where they were made, and if communication seems vague. If it is, that’s usually not a good sign. You might find all the secrecy alluring and even part of the deal, but deep inside, you know it’s not good practice.  

Now with that out of the way, let’s talk about the places you do want to look for them.

You might be surprised to learn, but Etsy is actually a great place to start your search. Not only will you find good quality products there, but the great majority of sellers will do anything to make you happy. Plus if you shop there, you’ll be helping support a small business — which is much appreciated.

You might also find designer-inspired fashion at places like Target, Amazon, and even Wal-Mart. Obviously, they won’t be exact “copy”, but an affordable look-alike version.  

Here’s a list of four great YSL inspired bags I found. Some are almost identical to the original, and some are only similar in look: 

The LouLou

The LouLou bag is probably the most beloved bag of the entire YSL collection. For that reason, is the one that is easiest to find in the inspired bag realm. I found two versions: the mini and the medium size.

Here’s a side by side comparison to the original:

Mini Loulou Toy Matellasse Crossbody Bag 

The mini LouLou is from Etsy and it’s made with genuine leather. As you can see is practically a 1:1 mirror image of the original but only costs a fraction of the price. This is one of the few bags where you get the most value for your money.



Medium LouLou Matelasse Crossbody Bag

The medium was found at the Red Dress Boutique. It’s made with PU leather and it comes in three different colors. It’s not a replica but an inspired version instead. If you don’t want something with a logo and you like the quilted chevron finish, this will do the trick. And it costs only $48!




The Envelope Bag

When you think of a YSL bag, the envelope immediately comes to mind. The bag’s silhouette takes the form of a slimline shoulder bag which makes it very versatile. It can be used as a shoulder bag, clutch, or wristlet.

The most common version is the wallet bag with an upper chevron diamond and vertical quilted finish, metal YSL logo on front, and a chain strap.

This inspired version was also found on Etsy and it’s made of real leather:



The Shopping Tote

A tote is an essential bag in every woman’s closet. They are the practical bag every woman needs, especially if you’re out hitting the shops. But most of us want something that is not only spacious on the inside but also stylish on the outside. 

YSL has many different styles of totes to choose from but the most popular one is the hallmark chevron-quilted leather tote bag.

This inspired version was found at Target and it’s made with PU leather. It comes in three different colors and has an outside pocket for extra storage. And the best part: it’s only $40!

YSL Shopping Tote Bag



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