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If you love fashion as much as I do, chances are, you’ve been thinking about a designer piece for a while, or maybe even several. You’re not alone, all women do.

But what is it about labels that we love so much?

If I had to guess, it’s probably because they make us feel unique and special in a very specific way. High-end designers don’t mass-produce their products, which means there’s a limited supply to go around.

They’re also made of higher quality material and superior standards. And because they cost so much when you purchase a designer label, you’re not only buying a product but an experience —  a lifestyle. You’re probably going to keep this piece for a long time. Probably years, maybe even pass it to your children and grandchildren as an heirloom.

Aside from that, adding a designer piece to your regular wardrobe is a great way to express your individuality and your personal style to the world.

So, what’s stopping you?

It’s a fact that high-end fashion comes with a hefty price tag. Not everyone can afford it, and even if you can, it’s still hard sometimes to wrap your head around the price tag. Especially if you like to live frugally.

But the good news is, whether you can’t afford it or you’re just not ready for the big purchase yet, you can experiment with a designer-inspired look instead.  In fact, many people do it as a trial run before they’re finally ready to pull the trigger on that big-ticket designer item.

Some designer-inspired products are, in fact, so nicely made, that you can barely tell difference.

But not all designer-inspired products are created equal…

It’s important to note that when it comes to “designer-inspired” looks,  many words are used interchangeably to define what is supposedly a 1:1 mirror image of the original — or what many people call a “replica”.

Replicas are a controversial subject. There are many implications that come with it. The obvious one is that they’re illegal, but also in many ways unethical. Also, you may never know who made it, what process was used,  and the quality of the materials may never be known.

This is not what this post is about. The products showcased here are simply products that were inspired by the original label.

Some people don’t mind having a “look-alike” version of a designer label they like, even if it’s not the exact look as the original,  while others would rather buy the original, even if it costs a lot more money.

Regardless of where you stand on the subject of designer-inspired — look-alikes, dupes, or whatever you want to call these — it all comes down to personal preference at the end.

What I do know, is that “designer-inspired looks” have a wide appeal to the general public, especially to people who can’t afford luxury items but still want to experience the designer look.

Because I know a lot of you out there want just that, I did some dig deeping to find good quality designer look-alikes that are a good value for your money.

So, without further ado, here’s the list of the most popular fashion items and their respective look-alikes:

1. Louis Vuitton Bags

LV bags are the most desirable designer handbags among women of all ages. Louis Vuitton has been the epitome of luxury for decades and many young fashionistas end up going with an LV for their first designer bag.

But with a starting point in the thousands of dollars, LV bags are out of reach to a lot of people.

This store has not only high-quality bags but they’re also very similar to the original. And don’t let the price fool you. These bags are made of very good quality and the designer look is spot-on.


2. Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Tory Burch isn’t the most expensive label out there. But it’s still a beloved designer with many popular items. The Miller sandals, in particular, are one of the most coveted summer shoes year after year.

These flats are made with real leather and great for a stroll on the beach or for a laid-back happy hour with friends.

But the originals can cost a couple of hundred dollars and not everyone is willing to spend this much on a shoe, especially one you’re going to be wearing mostly to casual outings.

If you love this specific model but can’t afford the original, or simply can’t wrap your head around the price tag, this shoe, has a similar look for a lot less money.

3. David Yurman Bracelets

David Yurman bracelets are made of beautiful craftsmanship and are quite the statement piece. And although some of the more affordable jewelry is priced very reasonably under $1000, some of their other pieces can be much more expensive.

This designer-inspired bracelet is highly reviewed and of great quality as well. They have many different models to choose from, and shipping is free.

4. Valentino Heels

Valentino’s rockstud heels are beautiful pieces of art, and despite the price tag, they have sold out every season since its launch. They’re loved by everyone from A-listers to royalty to reality stars. What makes this shoe so coveted is its timeless quality while at the same time been edgy enough to make a statement.

But with a price tag upwards of $1000,  these beautiful shoes are out of reach to a lot of people. Thankfully, this store has a great designer-inspired version that is almost identical to the original. So you can still experience the look minus the price tag.

5. Gucci Belts

Gucci belts have become almost a cultural obsession. The sleek design with its understated perfection it’s what gets people so fascinated with it.

We all went gaga for the Gucci belt back in 2018 with no signs of slowing down.  This belt can be quite the statement piece and can instantly upgrade any outfit. But with a price tag of $460, it’s certainly not for everyone.

This look-alike is one of the best versions I’ve seen so far, and it costs only a fraction of the price.

6. Hermes Belts

Hermes is one of the most traditional fashion houses out there. Their belts are just perfection and have become quite trendy as of late. However, aside from the price point, they’re not as easy to get in the market, unless you’re willing to buy it second-hand or purchase directly from Hermes itself.

This version is a great look-alike and will make you feel like you’re wearing the real thing.


I hope you enjoyed all these great designer-inspired looks. If you did,  don’t forget to share on social media 🙂