Memorial Day weekend is finally here. It’s officially the beginning of summer and the beginning of travel season for a lot of people including myself.  I have a big trip coming up next month and I’m sure all of you have exciting vacation plans as well. I am in the process of packing which prompted me to write this post.

Have your ever caught yourself thinking: “What do I wear at the airport?”

I know right? Probably most of us have asked ourselves that question at least one time or the other when getting ready to travel.

The answer to that question is in fact very simple. You don’t need to compromise your comfort for style. You just need to know a few tricks that work for everyone and you’ll be rocking a stylish airport outfit effortlessly.

So, without further ado, here are a few tips that will help you pick a stylish airport outfit:


1. Pants

Yes. Pants. Don’t even try wearing dresses, skirts or shorts to the airport. They are not very travel friendly. Plus will make you cold inside the plane. When choosing a pair of pants pick something that is comfortable. Think of materials that stretch and have elasticity and are not too tight on your body. I like paper-bag pants for example. They are comfortable enough to be sitting on a plane for a few hours, they have enough room so they won’t cut your circulation and they also look good in almost every body type. Not to mention they are very stylish as well! They match all kinds of shoes from boots, to sandals to sneakers.

Jeans: they are not known for being super comfortable but they are as casual as you can go which makes them perfect for an airport look. Just make sure you choose a design that is not super tight and is of stretchy material. Remember you need to be comfortable! As long as they feel comfortable, you’re good to go.

Leggings. I don’t care what anyone else has to say about leggings, we can all agree on something: they are comfortable!  Gone are the days leggings were supposed be used only at the yoga studio. That being said, not all of them are created equal. So be wise when choosing leggings because you’re walking a very fine line here. Know the difference between the ones meant only for the gym and the ones you can actually take it to the streets and accessorize. These days there are tons of brands that make leggings that look good enough for travel or otherwise. Choose monochromatic tones, think black, navy blue, dark green or any shade that is dark. Also, no patterns or light colors or anything made with very thin material.  [You don’t want people to be able to see the color of your underwear].

Track pants. Here’s another great option to wear at the airport. They are comfortable, have a lot of room, and are super stylish as well.

2. Sweaters and jackets

We all know it can get pretty cold up there in the air and you don’t want to get sick en route to your destination and ruin your vacation plans. Oversize sweaters or structured jackets are the best option to keep you warm and add style to your overall outfit, think about adding a scarf as well if layering. They can keep your warm and they are also a great way to add color to your outfit. For example, a red or pink scarf can add a nice touch of color to an otherwise monochromatic look.


3. Shoes

Preferably wear flats. You don’t want to do a lot of walking, or even running in heels. I like sneakers for the utmost comfort but flat shoes like ballet- flats, mules, or any slip-on shoes, even short flat boots work as well.  I wouldn’t wear flip flops, sandals, lace shoes or open toe shoes, just because you need to take them off at the TSA line, and the thought of my bare feet touching a very questionable floor is not something I want to take with me when traveling.


4. Accessories

A small cross-body bag is perfect way to carry your travel documents and all your necessities. They are stylish, easy to access, not heavy and will let you wear all your most-important items. Once it’s time to fly they can be stashed in your personal item. Think cross-body satchels or even a belt bag.


Glasses.  This is almost a staple item in any stylish airport uniform. Pick a pair that matches your style and outfit. Investing in a polarizing pair will reduce glare and can shield tired eyes from the bright sun when you getting off a red eye.

I hope you guys enjoyed these quick tips and I hope they can help you decide what to wear at the airport.

Happy travel season everyone!