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I’m Josiane, but you can call me Josi. I’m originally from Brazil and I’ve been living in sunny southern California for a decade now. In this blog, I translate the warmth and the beauty of Socal combined with my Brazilian roots into beautiful content. Every week, I bring a new post talking about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and everything you need to know to stay up to date on the latest trends. I also have a low-key obsession with Amazon and Nordstrom which I turn into helpful tips and shopping guides to help you stay in style. I hope you enjoy it. Xo


October 10, 2021

15 cute fall outfit ideas that you will love – Plus a bonus style tip

Fall is finally here. You know it when summer’s blazing heat starts to change to a cool breeze by mid-September. Yes, my friends, it’s time to say goodbye to the sandals and bathing suits and say hello to the cardigans, jackets, and boots. But it’s not all bad news on the fashion front. I actually look forward to...

September 9, 2021

Skims Essential Scoop Neck Bodysuit Review – My brutally honest opinion

This is a long-overdue review of Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS‘ shapewear that I had promised a few months back. If you’ve been following my blog, you probably remember I started this review series with the underwear just before the summer. If you didn’t catch that one you can see it here. I know the underwear is probably not the...

August 20, 2021

Tory Burch Private Sale: Everything you need to know to find the best deals

* Disclosure:  This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.   The Tory Burch Private Sale is one of the most anticipated events of the year. During this sale, you can catch a lot of items up to 70% off,...

August 16, 2021

8 of the Best Affordable Workout Clothes Brands that you need to try in 2021 – Plus a surprise bonus

If you’re like most of us, you probably have a couple of nice expensive leggings and sports bras from Lululemon and Alo sitting in your closet right now. You reserve those for light workouts, running errands, and even casual outings. But when it comes down to the real heavy lifting, you probably don’t want to keep throwing...