You’ve probably already heard the news by now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are stepping down from their royal duties.
Their decision caused some controversy and everyone has an opinion about it. Whether you agree or disagree, this will mean a change in lifestyle for them. And with a new lifestyle comes a new wardrobe. Especially for Meghan.
You may or may not know this, but women in the Royal family must abide by very specific — and strict — style rules. These rules are dictated by the Queen herself and are meant to shield the ladies from unflattering photos and potentially embarrassing faux pas. Every woman in the royal family has followed them for the last 60 years. And it served them well since they all looked so posh in pictures.
But since Meghan has decided to step back, we’re assuming she is free to dress whichever way she wants from now on. No need for the Queen’s approval anymore. So we can expect to see her go back to her pre-wedding wardrobe, which was well documented by photographers and paparazzi alike.
So what are the fashion rules Meghan doesn’t need to follow anymore? Keep reading to find out.

1. Natural Nails

It’s sort of an unspoken rule, but women in the royal family are not allowed to wear bright or dark colors in their fingernails. Nails are to be kept subtle and simple. The royal manicurists favor pale pinks, clear polishes, neutrals, and nudes.
The Queen herself has been faithfully wearing the same shade of pink for three decades now. Her favorite polish is by Essie’s in Ballet Slippers shade.
Now that Meghan is officially not part of the Royal Institution anymore, she can go back to wearing whatever shade she likes in her nails.

2. Wedge Heels

Technically they are not completely banned, but they are frowned upon by the Queen. All the women in the family avoid wearing them — especially in the Queen’s presence.
Kate Middleton sometimes still wears her beloved pair of Stuart Weitzman to events and trips abroad when the Queen is not around.
Meghan was also following the same rules as Kate of course. But now she can ditch other uncomfortable heels, and go back to being comfortable and stylish again.

3. Wear tights

Another unspoken rule, it’s said that the Queen expects all the women in the family to wear pantyhose to all public outings. Meghan Markle, in the beginning, seemed to defy that rule, as she was spotted more than a few occasions not wearing them. But later she seemed to abide by the royal rules. Now she can go back to wear midi skirts and dresses with bare legs again.

4. Denim

Jeans are not exactly forbidden either but they’re not a go-to item in any royal closet. The etiquette is simple: “it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed”.
Royal women are expected to wear dresses and skirts, especially to formal events. For more casual outings the favorite choices are trousers, cardigans, and blazers. If walking the dogs in the park, for example, jeans should be ok, as long as they are in dark color. No washed up or ripped jeans allowed.
Now Meghan will be able to go back to her beloved pairs of ripped skinny jeans we were used to seeing her pre-wedding.

5. Leggings

Leggings are another no-no in the royal wardrobe. Almost in the same way jeans are because they are so casual. Which is a shame because they are so comfortable. But we get it. They are form-fitting and sometimes, might not be the best look for some, so is best to avoid it altogether.
Since moving to Canada, Meghan has already been seen wearing her leggings to yoga classes again. Don’t we all love a good pair of leggings? I swear I could live in them!
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