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Who doesn’t love a good deal?  I know I do, especially if  I can get the same look for less. And I would like to share with you guys these amazing bags I found on Amazon. These are inspired by famous brands and cost only a fraction of the price.

Don’t let the price fool you though. These bags are made of very high-quality materials. Some of them are not going to be made with real leather for the price, it’s true. But I actually prefer it that way. It’s better for the environment and it’s just as durable if not more than real leather.

Some of these bags are made with vegan leather. Sometimes called PU leather or faux leather.  Faux leather is a synthetic product which is made to look like real leather but with the advantage that is super easy to clean, water-resistant, soft, and pliable.

As far as the design goes, these bags are not identical to the designer version, but the look is very similar. If you don’t care about labels, or just want to look stylish without breaking the bank, these are a great option.

Here I gathered 10 designer inspired bags, and I put their respective originals side by side for comparison:


Chanel Gabrielle is one of the most popular Chanel Bags right now. This first picture is the inspired version and the second one is the original. As you can see, the look is very similar but for a fraction of the price. You can shop this bag or in other color options here.


Another example of the same bag, but in a different color. Again, the difference is minimal when compared to the original. One thing I should point out is that the straps are both in silver and gold tones. Some people might be thrown off by that. Or you might find it charming. If you would like to see other options you can follow this link.



This bag is one of the most popular bags by the original designer. The original bag by Chloe is called Nile Bracelet bag. As you can see by the side by side comparison, the inspired bag is almost identical, and also comes in different colors. You can shop for this bag here.



Next, we have this bag inspired by the Chloe Tess bag. The measurements are very similar to the designer original as you can see by the picture they have a very similar look. But instead of shelling out  $1800 for the designer version, you can shop for this one instead.



This cute and stylish bag was inspired by the original Chloe Faye Bracelet bag. As you can see by the side by side comparison the look is very similar to the designer version. You can shop for this bag — which comes in other colors — here.




I absolutely adore this bag. I actually own the original designer version. But the inspired version is very spot on and costs only a fraction of the price. The bag is in size mini, so you won’t be able to fit too much inside, other than some cards, keys and maybe a small phone.  To shop for this one you can follow this link.



Next, we have a bag inspired by the Chloe Faye collection in size medium. This bag is a great alternative to a tote. The original designer version costs $1950. But you can get a similar look for a lot less here.



Another Chloe inspired bag, this time the Faye mini backpack. Both bags are great ( the designer original and the inspired one). They’re not exactly look-alikes, since the inspired version is based on an older version that is currently not being sold in stores anymore. But regardless, their style is very similar. You can shop for this one here.


Chanel bags are always at the top of the list of any fashion lover, especially the small and medium sizes calfskin flap bags. The inspired version has a very similar look for only a fraction of the price. You can shop for this look-alike here.


If the Chanel mini got together with the Chanel tote and they had a child, the bag in the first picture would be what their child would look like.  Joking aside, this Chanel inspired bag is really cute. You can’t really tell by the picture but this is a crossbody bag, that is also very small, so you wouldn’t be able to fit too much inside. It’s definitely more of a night bag than a day to day bag.  But for the overall look, this inspired version is worth the money.

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