5 Different Ways You Can Style a Neutral Look

Have you noticed neutral colors are becoming a staple this summer?  But what is a neutral look anyway?

A neutral look is an outfit where neutral colors are predominant. Initially, neutral colors were defined as basic colors like white, black and gray. In the fashion world however, neutrals also include “in between” tones such as off-white shades like beige, cream, ivory as well as the so-called “earth tones” which include warmer hues like many shades of browns, and cooler ones such as navy blues and sage greens. In short, colors you would find primarily in nature, hence “earth” in their name.

There is an ongoing trend lately where neutrals are taking a center role in many designer clothing lines. This is a trend that got started last season and showed up again this year. Neutrals have become the It color of the summer and a must-have item in any fashionista closet. I, myself, invested in several pieces already.

Neutrals are great colors in my opinion. Not only are they practical but also because they are soft colors that don’t compete with others, they never go out of style, making them a perfect addition to any capsule wardrobe. Neutrals are like a blank canvas that you can use to build your entire outfit from and because they are so easy on the eyes, they transmit a sense of calm and peace by the person who’s wearing them. But you must be asking yourself, how do I wear neutrals?

One of the things I like most about neutral colors is that they are so easy to wear. Because they don’t require much thought or effort from your part they can make you look put together effortlessly in no time. However, if you’re looking for inspiration, I have a few style ideas that can help you get creative with it.

There are several ways you can wear neutrals and style them differently. Here are a few ideas that will help you get started on a fabulous look for any occasion:



For a sophisticated look, you can combine off-white tones, choose different shades of the same color or just one color alone for a solid monochromatic look.  You can wear white and ivory and/or beige with cream for a all neutral ensemble.  If you’re going for monochromatic, it will give your outfit a sophisticated vibe and it’s great choice for a work outfit.



You can choose to build from the monochromatic look by picking one or two items (bag, shoes or a piece of jewelry) and add some color to it. You can pick any color you want, but because it’s summer I would either choose a bright warm color like yellows and oranges or you can go for more basic ones like grays, blacks or cooler tones like greens or blues. Usually one item is enough to give a pop of color, but if you want to do more, like a shoe and a bag, or a bag and a piece of statement jewelry, make sure the colors complement each other.




Same way you would add warmer colors to an all monochromatic look, you can mix and match with earthy tones as well. Try an overlay with some shades of browns, lighter shades of blues and greens.





This is also a great way to mix and match and play around the monochromatic look aside from adding color. Pick some accent pieces with statement materials such as crochet, linen, knits, straw or even patterns and pair them with softer materials such as cotton, crepe, polyester or silk.





Still playing with optical illusion in a way, aside from fabric, you can try and add a structure piece to an all neutral ensemble.

Structure pieces are a great way to accentuate your best features (or give the illusion of having one).  Whether is paper bag pants and shorts to create height and accentuate waistline, or puff sleeves and wrap tops to broaden your shoulders. Be creative with them and take full advantage of asymmetrical cuts, pleats, ruffles, belts, knots or statement sleeves to create your perfect neutral look.

There you have it. Five different ways you can style a neutral look from work to casual. Who said neutral colors have to be boring?