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Asian beauty products seemed to have taken the beauty world by storm in recent years. But none of them has had more of an impact than Jade rollers. These pretty little gadgets are everywhere these days and have changed our skincare routine for the better.

All major brands in the US have come out with their own versions of Jade rollers as well. With so many options out there, it’s understandable for someone who is new to this trend to be confused and even skeptical about their efficacy.

Jade rolling has a wide range of benefits that include: helping reduce inflammation, allowing skin-care products to soak into skin better, helping with puffiness, improving circulation and drainage of the lymphatic system. Some even claim it can help flatten wrinkles and fine lines.

Sounds too good to be true? No specific product is miraculous of course, and results do vary from person to person. But this device does wonders for your skin as long as you use it properly.

You might also be wondering if what you’re rolling on your face is real jade or something else. Here’s a short story about these stones: real Jade is very expensive and hard to find — most companies that sell Jade rollers don’t tell you that — so what most rollers are made of is a stone that is a bit different in composition.

Let me explain better. Most rollers are made with a type of serpentine crystal called Xiyuan. It comes from a specific region in China and although technically speaking, it’s not real Jade, it does fall under a similar category. This crystal has a composition that is different from Jade but because it has different shades of green, it makes look like Jade. So, by all means, and purposes, the Chinese call it “Jade”.

Some Jade rollers have a beautiful minty green color while others are more of a marbled pale green. This variation is natural and expected. You’ll never see two Jade stones alike in nature. The color is determined by many factors but mainly where they’re sourced from. As I mentioned earlier, most of them come from China but others might come from places like Brazil. The ones from Brazil have a darker green color and don’t have natural cool temperatures like Xijuan jade from China.

What are the benefits of the Jade stone?

Jade promotes feelings of balance, peace, and harmony. It’s said to attract good luck, friendship and promote self-sufficiency.

Now let’s talk about the rollers

I’m sure you’ve seen them out there. These devices are like double-ended massage tools for your face with one side smaller than the other. The smaller side is meant for smaller areas of your face such as the skin around your eyes and nose, while the wider part is for the rest of your face and decollete area.

The majority of jade rollers out there have mixed reviews because everyone is looking for something different. That’s why they are so tough to shop for.

Here, I narrowed it down to a shortlist of the best quality jade rollers, tried and tested, for every kind of budget:

1. Skin Gym Jade Crystal Face Roller


Skin gym jade roller starts out cool and then warms to the face. It’s perfect for under-eye bags. You can feel the quality of the jade, from the pommel/handle to the roller beads on either end. It’s also helpful to relieve sinus pressure and decongest. You can shop for yours here.

2. Mount Lai De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller 


This roller is made with Xijuan jade, which is a natural cooling stone. It’s the perfect roller for depuffing and detoxifying. The stones used on this roller are of the highest quality and it’s sturdier than other similar models.

Use it with your favorite serum or oil for optimal results. You can shop for yours here.

3. Herbivore Jade Facial Roller


This is a very high-quality roller that glides effortlessly across your skin. No friction, no bumps, and no noise unlike other rollers out there. It’s also great for de-puffing and detoxifying. I like to leave mine on the fridge before using it for extra cooling effect. You can shop for yours here.

4. GingerChi Anti-aging Jade Roller


This is a solid choice for someone new to Jade rolling and who doesn’t feel comfortable shelling out a lot of cash for one. Skin Gym roller is made of Xijuan jade and silver nickel. It comes with a cute storage bag and a small vial of serum. You can shop for yours here.

5. Large Jade Roller by Turning Turquoise


The best for last.  This is a brand you can only find on Amazon (I haven’t seen it anywhere else). It’s a very high-quality roller crafted with authentic Jade, and it rivals so well with other more expensive and popular brands. The main thing that sets this one apart from others is the size of the roller. With a larger roller, you can cover more surface area and it glides much easier across the skin.

Another thing that sets this one apart is that you can actually disassemble the Jade stone from the y-shape structure which makes it so much easier to clean and lubricate the roller after several uses.

You can check it out here.

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