Summer is here! No doubt, all you fashionistas out there, have a very busy social calendar this season. Pool parties, get-togethers, barbecues, happy hours. You open your closet and you start to wonder: What should you be wearing? Let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends that you can’t miss out on if you want get noticed this summer.

Shorts and two-piece jumpsuits are definitely “the look” this summer. I would highly recommend some floral printed patterns on light material. Floral prints seem to be continuing a trend started from last season. Stripes also seem to have made a comeback this season.

Shorts are obviously perfect for summer, and if you want to keep them girly, go for trimmed tops or a black t-shirt, complemented well with a pair of lace-up sneakers. I love the floral prints, they seem to transition so well from city look to country.

Inspiring earth tones are also trendy right now, they are perfect for that nonchalant look. You can get very creative with those, and they are so easy to mix and match with either neutral tones or a print design.

If you need something a little more formal, the wrap top is definitely a great choice. Combine a black top with white denim and open-toed heels for a classic look that will serve you well at meetings, appointments, and nights out. Wrap tops will keep you cool during summer and have a naturally flattering effect on almost every body type.

Wait! Are you a music lover? If you’re hitting a music festival this year, go for a more laid-back boho style which is definitely popular right now. Think about patterned denim, an embroidered top or free-flowing dress, with sunglasses, or a colorful kimono, for that Woodstock look.

Crocheted accessories will help you get that relaxed look for summer. They are a great way to add a bit of texture to your outfit, think headbands, bracelets, and embroidered sandals.

Happy Summer loves!