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Tory Burch Miller sandals are one of those shoes that are truly iconic. The more sophisticated cousin of the beach flip flop has been a crowd favorite for years now. It seems like every influencer on Instagram has them, possibly in every color.

And if you follow this blog, you know  I finally gave in to the hype and got a pair myself. If you didn’t catch my post, you can see my full review here. 

I was delaying this purchase for the longest time. First, because I didn’t see the point of dropping a couple of hundred dollars on a pair of sandals. Secondly, I wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

But after I got it, I can see why people love it so much. The medallion logo on top makes these sandals very unique and classy, not to mention how comfortable it feels. The price point however doesn’t fit more modest budgets.

And while I was still deciding if this shoe was for me, I still looked for more affordable alternatives in the designer-inspired realm. I love finding expensive looks for less — it’s been a hobby of mine for years now. And I think I got quite good at it. I truly believe that you don’t have to break the bank to look good.

It turns out, I was able to find amazing budget-friendly Tory Burch Miller-inspired sandals, that look and feel almost the same, but for a lot less. I guess you could call these “dupes”, but I don’t like to use that term because it usually infringes copyright agreements. Also, the term “dupe” implies that the item is a copy of the original, but that also doesn’t feel right. Although most of the shoes on this list come pretty close to the original design. So if you’re looking for just that, you won’t be disappointed.

Let me go back to the original shoes for another minute. The Miller sandals are made with real leather, part of the reason why the shoes are expensive. A lot of “dupes” are made with PU leather instead — a less expensive alternative with the same texture and feel. The design won’t be the same, but many dupes come pretty darn close. And if the thought of having designer-inspired fashion doesn’t bother you, it’s a great way to get your hands on some beautiful shoes with a higher designer feel.

Whether you want to give it a try before buying the designer version, or you’re just want to look stylish without having to spend too much money, here’s a list of Tory Burch Miller inspired sandals that fit the bill:

1. Pierre Dumas $20

For only a fraction of the price, this look-alike definitely passes the “smell” test. From afar is hard to tell the difference unless you get super close. The tan color is also very similar to Tory Burch’s original sandal. But the similarities don’t stop there. Just like the Millers, this shoe also has a cushioned footbed for comfort.

Aside from tan, there are seventeen other color choices. When taking into account quality and price, this shoe is a great value for your money.

2. Report Genie Sandal $33

At a very reasonable price, this look-alike made the list because it’s quite possibly, the closest to the original you can find when it comes to designer-inspired looks. It’s hard to tell the difference even if you own the original. Oftentimes, you can catch this sandal on sale and score an even greater deal. The choices of color are more limited than the first one on this list. It comes in only tan, black, and white. But overall, a great shoe to consider.


3. Cushionaire Cameron Flat Sandal $27.99

An alternative to the Report Genie Sandal and another look-alike to consider is the Amazon new brand Cushionaire with the Cameron Flat Sandal. With an almost 1:1 mirror image of the original Millers and very similar in look to the Report Genie, this new brand has already good reviews from many users.

An additional benefit of this brand is that it offers more options of color than the Report Genie does. Aside from the basics tan, white and black it also comes in rose gold. One thing that users noticed though is that it runs small, so be sure to size up if you decide to purchase it.




4. Circus by Sam Edelman Canyon Sandal $33

Made with a synthetic sole, this shoe offers a great variety of options to choose from. The biggest difference you can notice right away is that these look-alikes are made with two straps instead of just one like the original. However, some people report they like it better that way, because it gives your foot more support and they don’t become “loose” over time.


5. LAMHER Dressy Flip Flops $19.99

This is another Amazon brand with a very reasonable price and also a great option to try. The shoe is made with PU material and rubber sole and has great reviews. These look-alikes also come in three different colors: tan, black and white and are true to size.


To purchase any of these, you can click on the brand name and the link will take you straight to the store.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of “dupes”. I’m constantly updating my lists, so keep checking in often for more trending news.

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Happy Shopping!