Louis Vuitton Pink Bag
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If you love Louis Vuitton as much as I do, you probably noticed the color pink as a theme in a lot of their purses recently. And what’s not to love about that? My two favorite things coming together: Louis Vuitton and the color pink.

This is partially due to an ongoing trend that started back in the fall of 2019 just before the world came crashing down on us. The latest color trends for the spring of 2020 were a lot of neons that included lime green, tangerine, powder blue, and all shades of pink.

And you might think bright colors like that can be hard on the eyes and difficult to match and style, but I happen to disagree. These colors when used correctly can instantly upgrade an outfit that is otherwise uninspiring — especially the color pink — but I might be biased.

Bright colors go really well with neutrals, especially monochromatic looks. It can help turn up the heat of the whole ensemble. But more than that, bright colors are happy colors. They are perfect for the Spring/Summer seasons and they can even help lift your mood.

With everything that happened in the world recently, we sure need some cheering up, and what better way to do that than adding happy colors to our everyday life?   

So, if you’re interested in brightening up your closet with a pop of color in a pink LV bag, here are some of the models that come in the color. If you’re not ready to invest in a brand-new bag — which can be quite expensive —  don’t worry. I included a lot of pre-loved options here.  

But if you decide to do your own research, I suggest looking into sites that sell pre-loved bags like Poshmark, Therealreal, Tradesy, Fashionphile, and Rebag. So without further ado, let’s talk about the bags:


1. OnTheGo Tote Limited Edition Escale Monogram

To start off the list, let’s talk about this limited-edition tote. The tie-dye version of Onthego reminds you of the Neverfull bag with a bit of a twist. The logo as you can see is a little bigger than the traditional tote. The die-dye version is a nice mix of pink, purple, and blue. The colors are very subtle which makes them the perfect on-trend bag with just a touch of pink. 


2. Speedy Bandouliere Bag Limited Edition Escale

Second on the list is another iconic LV bag. This is the Speedy Bandouliere in a limited edition following along the lines of the first one on this list with its subtle shades of pink, blue and purple that are not too bright.


3. Montaigne Handbag Monogram Empreinte

This Montaigne bag is all pink, just as much on the outside as it is on the inside. But in spite of all that pink, the color isn’t overwhelming as you’d think. The shade of pink is very faded, so is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a super bright color. This pink goes much easier on the eyes than the neons and it easily matches with other pastel colors.  


 4. Locky Handbag Monogram Canvas with Leather

This bag has just enough pink while still keeping the monogram pattern on the outside. Inside the entire lining is in ballerina pink. It’s a very feminine bag for those girlie girls types. This one is also a pre-loved option and you can follow the link here for more.


5. Ebene Clapton Backpack Magnolia

This is technically a backpack, which in itself is already practical in nature, but the pink color on the outside makes it very stylish and on-trend. It also has a golden lock on the outside inspired by house trunks which makes this bag one of a kind but still casual enough for an everyday look. Thanks to a top handle and adjustable straps it can also be used in several different ways.


6. Vernis Alma BB Rose Ballerine

This bag is a pink version of the traditional Alma bag and Louis Vuitton decided to go all-out on the pink, putting the color on the outside and inside. But don’t fret, the pink ballerina is very faded and pastel-like so it’s not overwhelming. You can snatch this in the pre-loved realm for much less than a new one, so you can stay on-trend without having to break the bank.

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Happy Shopping loves!