This is probably a very subjective matter because everyone has a different taste and you can’t limit creativity. In spite of that, I decided to gather some of the Halloween costume ideas that I thought were trending this year.

We all find our inspiration for Halloween in places like magazines, TV, and movies. Some classics are always on the top of the list like the witches, skeletons, ghosts, and the edgier ones like sexy nurse, sexy cops, and sexy…well whatever.

So for this year, I noticed a few cartoon characters made a major comeback (although they never really went out of style) like Wonder Woman, The Mrs. Incredible, Super Girl, and Black Panther of course!

Disney characters are always crowd- favorites with women: Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle from The Beauty and the Beast to name a few, but this year one, in particular, made a big comeback: Mary Poppins.

Rihana once again became a Halloween inspiration in 2018, with her “Bishop like” Costume for the Met Gala she hosted this year, so I expect this one trend to be very popular as well.

And finally my personal favorite, and always a very good Halloween costume: Lady of the Dead! This one has been growing in popularity for a few years.

Hope you guys have a lot of fun! Happy Halloween!