Shoes are the kind of accessory that can instantly enhance any outfit. All women have a healthy obsession with shoes. Some more than others. The latest fashion trends of shoe styles are sure to make you want to upgrade your closet Asap.

Slides, espadrilles, sandals are just a few of the summer styles that are too cute to pass up, but there is one trend that is standing out from the crowd as the sexiest must-have this summer.  I’m talking about the Cinderella-inspired translucent heels — also known as the “nothing shoe”.  Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess sometimes? The nothing shoe is the hottest ‘it’ trend this summer and here I’ll share all you need to know to rock this style perfectly!


Sexy Like a Celeb – Translucent or Clear Heels


As you could see from the very beginning of the year 2018, the top most influential fashion weeks of the world — London, Paris, Milan, and NY — had a predominant theme of PVC. The plastic, sheer and transparent had been incorporated in the clothing and accessories.

After the see-through handbags, jackets, tops, we got the most stunning fashion accessory: the translucent shoes! The biggest brands and designers from Steve Maden to Alexander Wang to Oscar de la Renta and even Channel have all launched their own version of transparent heels.

The amazing thing is that you can wear them with anything and look absolutely stunning with almost no effort. They can make you look sexier by elongating your legs and highlighting your beautiful summer pedicures. The sleek and delicate design of the naked shoe is subtle enough to highlight your feminine charm.


Styling the Clear Heels like a Pro


If you still find it hard to step into the bold naked shoes like the princess you are, you can check some of the top celebrities for some inspiration and see how they carried themselves in this gorgeous pair of heels.

The naked heel looks great with shorts, mini dresses, and mostly neutral colors. Be sure to remain minimal in the other accessories to enhance this cute look.

What I like about this shoe trend — besides the fact that is so sexy — is the material.  Affordable for all kinds of budgets, there’s no excuse not to try it. I myself got me two pairs of those: one in short heels and tall heels.

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Happy shoe shopping!






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